Jaunākās Ziņas


Aicinu iepazīties ar manu viedokli un runu (angļu valodā) miera jautājumos, uzstājoties 138. Starpp

Ladies and gentlemen,

Today I am standing before you to share my vision about the reasons why wars are inevitable and increasingly dangerous. We must urgently revise the existing system of international relations and international law, because unless the superpowers shift their demeanour and the relevant laws are updated, we may find ourselves amidst disastrous consequences.

There are several reasons for this. We have at least two generations who have not seen war and destruction first-hand. These are people in political office, and many of them live by the conviction that practically any action, including unlawful conduct, against seemingly weaker countries can be committed without serious consequences. In other words, there are countries and politicians who constantly exercise their position of power and are prepared to prove their point with military force. We no longer live in a monopolistic world, and such increasingly challenging acts and rhetoric of aggression cause real threats, because sooner or later the emerging powers will no longer tolerate the unjust and provocative behaviour of the old world. This feeling of impunity of the old world has led to the abuse of power. However, the old world seems to refuse to acknowledge or even begin to admit this.

This perception has manifested itself over the last 70 years through the conviction that it is not treaties or laws but rather military might or the lack thereof that maintains the peace and guarantees that a country remains intact in spite of a more powerful country’s ambition to dominate the entire world.

People are aware of the increase in aggression and the thirst for war fuelled or even practiced by the elites they have elected, yet they find themselves unable to influence the developments within their country. In many countries the electorate has been disconnected from the elite and they feel that they have no say in what and how is done in their country. This, to a large extent, explains the shifts in the balance of political power, as we witness increasing popular support for anti-establishment and ultranationalist movements. It is a very serious signal, which can be interpreted as a rebellion against those who pull people into wars that they never wanted. Warmongering is maintained not only by politicians but also amplified by the mass media, which are increasingly controlled by the elites. In such circumstances balanced domestic or international politics is virtually impossible.

Another important reason for warmongering and an increasing level of threats is the fact that certain elite countries benefit from it. War would definitely cater to their interests, since the arms industry has become the backbone of their economic survival. After the collapse of the USSR, however logically and legally unnecessary, NATO continues its existence. Furthermore, NATO has purposefully and systematically expanded its borders in the last 30 years, thus fuelling Russia’s self-preservation instinct and also creating the need for Latvia’s neighbouring country to develop its defence capabilities. The so-called aggression of Russia is an outcome of the aggressive attitude of NATO member states in the past. Aggression as such or even an aggressive attitude always results in an aggressive response.

If we look at who the initiators of war are today – it is NATO member states, whose occasionally even illegal actions create crisis situations in the Middle East. Therefore, Europe, which had historically already been full of economic migrants, is now overflowing with refugees of war as well. Just look at what is happening in Syria! We are witnessing a NATO member state attack another sovereign country WITHOUT any mandate or assignment from the UN. Soon enough we may even see clashes here between two NATO members. Some NATO members have been more than once caught or even admitted collaborating with terrorist organisations, such as the infamous Islamic State! Interestingly enough, Russia is the only country acting on a UN mandate in Syria at the moment. All other countries are there illegally, with unclear motives leading to collective irresponsibility with destructive consequences. The parliaments of these NATO member states should immediately report what their objectives are and why their official and unofficial military forces are on the ground there in the first place! Otherwise, even experts are simply left to guess – who, what and why is going on in Syria. And then, how can we expect civilians to make sense of how to live and survive there?

Yes, my country is also a member of NATO, however, my party and I personally are against any escalation of tension among super powers or their blocs, because money is at the heart of absolutely all tensions in the modern world. Therefore, we can speak about peace in our part of the world only if certain so-called “developed” countries and their elite stop enacting their plans of takeover and end their destructive actions within neighbouring countries near and far.

Only by strengthening international law and monitoring compliance thereto can we restore lawful peace and stop wars at their very roots.

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